Every Sunday & Wednesday in April
Dr. Zack will be preaching Sunday at 10:45 am and 6 pm  Sloan Lake Community Church, China Grove NC.  (Wednesday at 7 pm)

What Do We Believe?

We believe the Word of God is the final authority and conclusion in all matters. This ministry has a core center around the Gospel and it will not be moved from the positions of Grace and Faith.

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What we do & What we Believe 

Piedmont College of Theology

What's New?

We Answer

April 28, 7 pm
Dr. Zack will be preaching for Bishop Timothy Steele at "The Oil Stayed Revival" Conference

What Are Our Core Values?

This ministry aligns itself only with those who proclaim the message of Christ without a mixture of works or ritual. Those who wish to be legalistic, liberal, critical spirited, prejudice, and dead in worship will be offended. 

Who Is Dr. Zack Sizemore?

Dr. Zack Sizemore has been a minister of the Gospel since age 17. Holds Credentials thru Gospel View Baptist Church, Pastor Dr, Jerry Sizemore. He holds Doctorates in Ministry, Religion, Education, and Psychology. President of Piedmont College of Theology and Founder the North American Association of Missions and Daily speaker on In the Word Media.